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Multiple Constituencies, Bureaucratic Efficiency, and Rational Choice in Public Sector Management

Easily one of the hottest topics nowadays in the business world is that of corporate governance and the related issues of corporate responsibility and managerial ethics. Serious discussions on these issues have long been held both in academe and among business circles, but these have turned more serious and acrimonious as a result of the recent corporate scandals in the United States. At the heart of the matter is the issue of greed in the corporate world. Not only has the acquisitiveness of individual managers been denounced from all sides, but indeed, what have traditionally been accepted as legitimate motives of the business enterprise have increasingly been called to question.  Poor governance and abuse of authority have long been a major concern in government, of course, but nothing as unsettling an issue as the Enron case has rocked the public sector in recent times, certainly not in this country. For all the continuing public revulsion against bureaucratic incompetence, corruption and abuse of authority, serious debates on public sector governance have been relatively muted.


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