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Mapping of Mental Health Research Capacity in Low and Middle Income (LAMI) Countries in Asia and the Pacific

The Mapping of Mental Health Research in Low- and Middle-Income Countries study, funded by the Global Forum for Health Research and the World Bank, generally aimed to develop a regional map of actors and their respective roles in the domains of mental, neurological and behavioral health research, and to describe the current research agenda and the process of priority setting in a Domain Profile. Specifically, this project intended to: the actors involved in mental health research, particularly in the Western Pacific Region, the research agenda as well as the domain of the studies done on mental health, 3.describe the process of priority setting, and 4.analyze the factors that impact on mental, neurological and behavioral health policy. This project sought to produce a network of institutions and individuals working on research on mental and neurological disorders in low- and middle-income countries and their priority setting strategies.


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