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Managing Urbanization Under a Decentralized Governance Framework (Volume 1)

Managing Urbanization Under a Decentralized Governance Framework (Volume 1) is the first of two volumes on urban management. It documents the urbanization process in selected Philippine cities in the context of a decentralized environment for governance resulting from the passage of the Local Government Code of 1991. It shows the impacts of decentralization on the way governance takes place at the local level, and how urbanization, which has impinged heavily on the fiscal conditions of the various localities, is being managed. More importantly, this volume provides snapshots of the innovative ways by which city local government units (CLGUs)--given the greater autonomy accorded to them by the Code and amid fiscal constraints--have successfully addressed social, economic and environmental issues and problems, and other "diseconomies" associated with urbanization that could negate its positive effects. These winning case illustrations of best practices in service delivery demonstrate how upgrading of LGU planning and fiscal management capacity, greater emphasis on participatory process, more effective coordination with other government agencies including other LGUs, ability to catalyze private sector and nongovernment organizations, use of appropriate low-cost technologies, contracting with the private sector, and elimination of corruption can contribute to improving the efficiency of public service provision


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Jul 06, 2013