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Information Acquisition and Conservation Farming Practices for Sustainable Agriculture in Rural Vietnam

Soil fertility conservation has become an increasing concern in Vietnamese agriculture owing to the excessive use of agrochemicals. The use of organic fertilizers is considered an environment-friendly practice for sustainable agriculture. Although environmental awareness has emerged and production technologies of organic fertilizers have been introduced in recent years, their adoption remains limited among farming households. This study focuses on the causal effects of information acquisition on the use of organic fertilizers from agricultural extension services and from peers of farming households. The estimation results show that land size, land tenure, educational level, family labor endowment, and household wealth are significantly associated with the likelihood of using organic fertilizers. Information acquisition through both information sources positively affects the use of organic fertilizers. However, information acquisition from agricultural extension services has a greater marginal impact than that from peers. Despite its lower influence, information acquisition from peers plays a supplemental role in incentivizing farming households to use organic fertilizers as an environment-friendly agricultural practice among rural communities in Vietnam.


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