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Healthcare Quality and Sufficiency as Perceived by Older Population in Metro Dumaguete Area in Negros Oriental

This paper examines the healthcare quality and sufficiency ratings given by older persons of the services they have availed of from health-care providers and institutions in Metro Dumaguete Area. Using a semi-structured survey questionnaire and administered through face-to-face interview, the data show that, on the average, the sampled older persons, who totaled to 229 and proportionately distributed among the study sites, rated “very good” and “very sufficient” the healthcare services they had availed of a year prior to the conduct of the study. No significant differences on the ratings were noted when the older persons were categorized by demographic profile except by sex and residence. Meanwhile, the private healthcare institutions got significantly highest ratings compared to public healthcare institutions and the combined sources on giving right diagnosis and immediate attention to patients as well as in the sufficiency of nurses. An urgent review of the implementation of the healthcare benefits and privileges for the older persons, particularly on miscellaneous services, was recommended so these will further provide health security to older populations in the country.


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