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GIYA: Seeking to Guide Filipino Farmers on Appropriate Pesticide Use - SEARCA Agriculture and Development Notes 12-2

The study highlighted the potential for enhancing farmers’ pest management practices through effective communication approaches. It further emphasized that the choice of communication approach should be based on the objectives and available resources.

With the advancement of ICT, it is imperative that we should also provide a pest management guide to our farmers and other stakeholders to avoid the following "pain points": decreased income from reduced yield, increased expenses from pesticide inputs, and repetitive pest control due to inefficient inputs or usage. 

The AIP enabled the successful establishment of an innovative communication channel connecting farmers with crop protection experts. We recognize that the current iteration of GIYA has certain limitations, including the following: (a) the assumption that GIYA users possess expertise in identifying pests and are familiar with the pests’ feeding habits on crops; (b) the brevity of the pest management recommendations provided; and (c) the need to incorporate insecticide resistance management, among other important considerations. It is important to note, nonetheless, that GIYA is still in the development phase, and we are actively seeking collaboration with experts, particularly those well-versed in USSD codes. Our customized process blocks are integrated within the HelloDuty platform and are currently not accessible for external use. Nevertheless, we are more than willing to provide access to GIYA with the assistance of our team.


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