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A Mobile Application for Do No Harm Quick Checks

The Caraga Region of the Philippines has a long history of conflict over land and natural resources and insurgency-related violence. A Do No Harm Quick Check tool was created to assist stakeholders in analyzing the conflict context and designing interventions that contribute to peacebuilding and development. The Do No Harm Quick Check smartphone application was made with both government and non-government actors in mind. It enables users to determine whether an intervention will negatively affect the conflict situation. The software is intended mainly for practitioners who are already familiar with the notion of conflict sensitivity. When a user switches from one tab to another, their responses are automatically saved on the user's device. Data is immediately submitted to an online project database if an internet connection is available. The Do No Harm Quick Check software is freely downloadable. Users can export a Quick Check report to a comma-separated values (CSV) file that is saved on the device and can be accessed in any spreadsheet application. The tool significantly simplifies information sharing between workers on different project teams.


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