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Frameworks that Inquire, Describe, and Explain: Using Frames and Tools to Enhance Project Assessment with a Multipurpose Cooperative as Illustrative Example

Cooperatives are often faced with concerns about the viability of their programs and projects, especially that these impact their financial sustainability. “Wrong” projects could bankrupt cooperatives and cause problems for involved members. This paper aims to address this issue by introducing four frameworks, and applying them to an actual organization, facilitating in-depth analyses and recommendations. Resource-based view, industry analysis, institutional analysis, and value chain analysis are discussed using an anonymized farmers’ cooperative as an illustrative example. Through these frameworks, several findings emerged. First, the cooperative has limited and outdated information about the industries that it is involved in. Second, many industry analyses on the internet often overlook the assessment of the Philippines’ competitiveness on a global scale. Third, the cooperative is a recipient of numerous projects that challenge its capacity to manage multiple enterprises and equipment. The study underscores the need for government and other partners to help cooperatives in assessing industries and value chains. This includes making available free, internet-accessible, and easily understandable information and analyses on industries and value chains. Such resources can inform the decision-making of cooperatives.


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