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Exploring Pathways to Empowerment: A Narrative of Bangsamoro Women Migrant Workers

The socio-economic empowerment of Muslim families in the country relies to a great extent on how their women migrant workers (WMWs)—majority of which are migrant domestic workers (MDWs)—are nurtured and enabled to become nurturers and enablers of themselves and of others. This paper pursues the empowering feminized narrative, having considered the significance and relevance of the empowerment processes in the context of feminized global labor migration. It seeks to identify some pathways to processes of empowerment accorded to the Bangsamoro WMWs as they navigate through "power within," negotiate "power with others," and harness "power to change" as a consequence of their choices. Recommendations include (1) renegotiating the women's hopes and dreams, (2) strengthening their power within, (3) reinforcing the power to work with others, and (4) intensifying their power to protect.


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