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Enabling Women for Participatory Community Development. A Manual for Trainers, Facilitators, and Organizers of Urban Poor Women

The manual is a path-breaking initiative of SDRC's "Women, Work and Development" (WWD) Project, with funding support from the International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU), Paris, France. The material is a product of training interventions conducted by the WWD Project Team at different times of its three years of operation in three partner urban poor communities in Manila. It shares the experiences of the WWD Project Team in one whole Learning Package which intends to help the trainers, facilitators, and organizers move forward in the continued promotion and dissemination of information about how to achieve lasting outcomes of enabling urban poor women to have an active role in community development. The WWD Project is envisioned to establish a social laboratory for participatory and community-based development programs. With the general objective of "forming new ways of thinking and acting together," the WWD Project has been guided by a development action framework that supports the belief that linking the resources and strengths of both DLSU and the host community will create a healthy and dynamic partnership.


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