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Enabling Rural and Agricultural Finance for Inclusive Development in the Philippines BOOK 1: Rural and Agricultural Finance and Development Issues

This is the first of three books in a compilation of works of the ACPC's first executive director and current Vice Chair, BSP Monetary Board Member V. Bruce J. Tolentino. The three-part book series puts together in a convenient collection numerous research studies, policy briefs, and statements Dr. Tolentino produced while leading the ACPC from 1987-1989, including recent papers on agri-finance policy. Book I, entitled Rural and Agricultural Finance and Development Issues, comprises papers that deal with financial system-wide reform issues that determine the health and development effectiveness of the rural and agriculture finance system. Book II, or The Rural Banks, focuses on the rapid rise and fall of the multitude of small private banks that served as the principal delivery agents of subsidized loans to farming and rural enterprises. Book III, or Financial Sector Regulation for Rural and Agricultural Development, deals with the myriad, multiple, and recurring issues that arise from financial sector regulation. PREFACE by ACPC Executive Director Jocelyn Alma R. Badiola, FOREWORD by Department of Finance Secretary Carlos G. Dominguez III, and INTRODUCTION by the author, Dr. V. Bruce J. Tolentino


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