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Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic on OFW Deployment and Remittances

In the Philippines, the culture of migration has been pervasive mainly because opportunities for a better life exist elsewhere.  However, the COVID-19 health crisis adversely affected Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), resulting in massive OFW displacement which contributed to the country’s rising unemployment rate and affected the remittance cushion of the country. This publication provides an overview of OFW deployment, displacement, and remittances during the pandemic. It also discusses various government assistance extended to OFWs and challenges encountered in their implementation. Lastly, it identifies several measures for consideration that could help alleviate the plight of OFWs and workers in general. By addressing the challenges faced and improving support systems, the Philippines can navigate the pandemic and ensure the well-being of OFWs and workers who play a vital role in the nation's development.


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