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ASEM Trust Fund Review Meeting - Washington, D.C., April 18, 2005 - country strategy notes

The ASEM Asian Financial Crisis Response Trust Fund (ASEM) was established by the leaders of the Asia-Europe Meeting in 1998, to provide support to East Asian crisis-hit countries. The Asia-Europe Meeting is an informal platform for dialogue and cooperation between 15 European Union member states, the European Commission, and ten Asian countries. It provides a space for dialogue, addressing political, economic, and cultural issues, in the spirit of strengthening relations between the two regions. This review confirms that in each of the five countries, the grants are for purposes that support the expressed current national development priorities. In each country, good progress is being made, but in some the progress of disbursements is still slow, generally as the result of a number of country-specific problems. This introduction summarizes the overall trends and statistics, before the country sections describe the strategic alignment, and progress of the individual country programs.


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