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Alternative Education in Emergencies–Module 5C (Training and Professional Development: Capacity-Building for Education in Emergencies)

The Alternative Education in Emergencies Resource Kit is an 11-module knowledge product that provides guidance for teachers and school administrators on how alternative and flexible learning options can help sustain quality learning after a disaster, and how they can be adapted to suit a range of contexts and evolving needs as communities gradually recover to normalcy. The fifth module of the Alternative Education in Emergencies Resource Kit is divided into three parts. Module 5C recommends features of capacity-building programs that will help equip stakeholders in identifying appropriate learning solutions and implementing them for EiE. The module covers target participants, training objectives, topics to include, sample schedules, and ways to assess the efficacy of EiE training programs. It also describes complementary capacity-building strategies such as mentoring, coaching and professional networking, among others.


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