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2021 Countryside Bank Survey: A Baseline Report

The 2021 Countryside Bank Survey (CBS) is a baseline survey conducted by the Department of Agriculture - Agricultural Credit Policy Council (DA-ACPC) and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). It aims to analyze trends and present emerging policy issues on bank behavior towards lending to the agriculture sector using branch-level data. Specifically, the 2021 CBS focuses on the banking units' agricultural lending experience in 2021 vis-a-vis 2020. The survey also looks into the practices and outcomes of various aspects of branch banking operations in 2021, as follows: (a) agricultural loan releases and demand; (b) interest rates and other charges on bank loans; (c) borrowers' repayment and debt position; (d) bank risk management; (e) bank profitability; (f) problems encountered by banking units; (g) effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on banking performance; and (h) plans and prospects by banks for the next year.


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