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2014 BSP International Research Conference Volume on "The Evolving Role and Limits of Monetary Policy: New Perspectives for Emerging Market Economies"

The following research papers were presented: (1) "Finding Stability in a Time of Crisis: Lessons of East Asia for Eastern Europe" by Paul D. McNelis; (2) "Decomposing Capital Flows and Assessing the Impact of Capital Flows on the Asset Markets: Empirical Evidence from the ASEAN-4 Countries" by Nur Ain Shahrier and Chuah Lay Lian; (3) "An Open Economy DSGE Model for the Philippines" by Ruperto Majuca and Lawrence Dacuycuy; (4) "Flattening Yield Curve amidst Rapid Inflows: The Malaysian Experience" by Shakira Teh Sharifuddin and Loke Po Ling; (5) "Time-Varying Neutral Interest Rates in Emerging Markets" by Roberto Perrelli and Shaun K. Roache; (6) "Global Impact of US Monetary Policy at the Zero Lower Bound" by Qianying Chen, Andrew Filardo, Dong He and Feng Zhu; (7) "The Responsiveness of Monetary Policy to Financial Stress: A Dynamic Panel Threshold Analysis " by Danvee Floro, Joselito Basilio and Björn van Roye; (8) "Estimating Macro-financial Linkages in Asia" by Hoon Kim and Feng Zhu; (9) "Monetary Policy during Financial Crises: Is the Transmission Mechanism Impaired?" by Nils Jannsen, Galina Potjagailo and Maik Wolters; (10) "A Credit and Banking Model for Emerging Markets and an Application to the Philippines" by Rahul Anand, Vic Delloro and Shanaka Jayanath Peiris; and (11) "Monetary and Macroprudential Policy Mix under Financial Frictions Mechanism with DSGE Model: Lessons from Indonesian Experience" by Harmanta, Nur M. Adhi Purwanto, Aditya Rachmanto and Fajar Oktiyanto.


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