PIDS Book 2021-01
Revitalizing Philippine Irrigation: A Systems and Governance Assessment for the 21st Century
DP 2020-59
Giving Cash to the Poor: A Study of Pantawid Pamilya Cash Grants Generosity, Frequency, and Modality
DP 2020-58
Exploring the Feasibility of Content Analysis in Understanding International Cooperation in APEC
DP 2020-57
Correlates of Test Performance of 15-year-old Students in the Philippines: Evidence from PISA
Latest Publications
DLSU-AKI Policy Brief, Volume XIII, No. 6. Recommending a patient-level study to confirm that BCG vaccination accounts for the relatively low COVID-19 mortality rate in the Philippines.

DLSU-AKI Policy Brief, Volume XIII, No. 5. Learning with friends: A rational view of remote learning with network externalities in the time of Covid-19.

DLSU-AKI Policy Brief, Volume XIII, No. 4. Potential economic effects of lockdown in the Philippines due to COVID-19: Lessening the impact on poor households.

DLSU-AKI Policy Brief, Volume XIII, No. 3. Allowing entry of foreign health professionals in containing the COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines

DLSU-AKI Policy Brief, Volume XIII, No. 2. ?The economic impact of the Metro Manila (NCR) enhanced community quarantine.

DLSU-AKI Policy Brief, Volume XIII, No. 1. Preparing for shortages of future Covid-19 drugs: A data-based model for optimal allocation.

DLSU-AKI Policy Brief, Volume X, No. 6. Creating an Inclusive Social Enterprise Ecosystem: A Policy Recommendation for the Growth of SE Sector in the Philippines

FSSC 2020-06 Macroprudential Policy Strategy Framework: The Case of the Philippines

DLSU-AKI Policy Brief, Volume VI, No. 7. Monitoring the Philippine economy year-end report for 2019.

BSP WPS 2020-06 Deregulation and Tariffication At Last: The Saga of Rice Sector Reform in the Philippines

BSP WPS 2020-05 Shifting macroeconomic landscape and the limits of the BSPís pandemic response

BSP WPS 2020-04 Do Prudential Regulations Affect Bank Lending Rates? Insights from Philippine Banks Using an Accounting-Based Approach

BSP WPS 2020-03 Impact of Extreme Weather Episodes on the Philippine Banking Sector: Evidence Using Branch-Level Supervisory Data

BSP WPS 2020-02 Relative price changes, asymmetric adjustments and aggregate inflation: Evidence from the Philippines

BSP WPS 2020-01 COVID-19 Exit Strategies: How Do We Proceed?