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DP 1999-15 Study on Public and Private Expenditure on Research and Development: An Integrative Report

DP 1999-08 The Philippine Tariff Structure: An Analysis of Changes, Effects and Impacts

DP 1999-07 Recent TFP Policy Agenda for the Philippines

DP 1999-02 Determination of Basic Household Water Requirements (Revised)

DP 1999-06 Total Factor Productivity: Estimates for Philippine Economy

DP 1999-14 Social Impact of the Regional Financial Crisis in the Philippines

DP 1999-19 Private Sector Activities on Research and Development

DP 1999-18 Agriculture Technology Acquisition, Development and Dissemination in the Private Sector

DP 1999-16 R&D Gaps in the Philippines

DP 1999-25 Research and Development: A Review of Literature

DP 1999-26 An Institutional Analysis of Research and Development Expenditure

DP 1999-24 Rates of Return to R&D Investment in the Philippines

DP 1999-27 Identifying Areas of Support in Research and Development for the Manufacturing Sector

DP 2000-07 Vegetable Program Area Research Planning and Prioritization

DP 1996-04 Structural Adjustment and Poverty Alleviation in the Philippines

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