PN 2021-09
Gender Perspectives in E-livelihood and E-entrepreneurship
PN 2021-08
Promoting a More Innovative and Inclusive Society through ICT Development
Seed Guidebook: Scaling and Expanding for Effective Development the Experiences and Learning from the SEARCA Project ISARD
Microbes for Sustainable Agriculture: Isolation and Identification of Beneficial Soil- and Plant-Associated Microorganisms

PIDS WB 2021-0903
Annual Public Policy Conference Webinar 2: Ethical Business
PIDS WB 2021-0902
Opening Program and Annual Public Policy Conference Webinar 1: Resetting Capitalism
PIDS WB 2021-0901
19th Development Policy Research Month Kick-Off Forum
PIDS WB 2021-0702
Local Governments' PDP and SDG Localization Efforts as Contribution to National Development
Latest Publications
JPD 1983 Vol. X No. 1-e Toward a Major Revamp of the System of Establishment Enquiries

JPD 1983 Vol. X No. 1-d Identifying the Major Determinants of Exploration Drilling Costs: A First Approximation Using the Philippine Case

JPD 1983 Vol. X No. 1-c The Critical Role of Trade and Industrial Statistics in Policy Formulation

JPD 1983 Vol. X No. 1-b Toward a New Regional Economic Order in Asia and the Pacific

JPD 1983 Vol. X No. 1-a Sector Sources of Philippine Postwar Economic Growth: The Over-all Record in Comparative Perspective

PN 1997-05 Improving Industrial Relations and Reducing Adjunct Costs of Production and Trading: Steps Toward Improved International Competi

PN 1997-06 Improving Institutional Support to Small and Medium Enterprises

PN 1997-07 The Textile - Garments Industry: A Call for Restructuring

PN 1997-08 Improving the Policy Environment and Institutional Structures for Technological Development

JPD 1981 Vol. VIII Nos. 1&2-f Buoyancy and Elasticity of Revenue

PN 1997-09 Using Microfinance Institutions in Poverty Alleviation: A Case of the Blind Leading the Blind?

JPD 1981 Vol. VIII Nos. 1&2-e Estimating Literacy Rate: A Study Relating Literacy Rate with Combined Gross Elementary and Secondary Schools Enrollment Rate

JPD 1981 Vol. VIII Nos. 1&2-d Towards Improving the Export Price Index

JPD 1981 Vol. VIII Nos. 1&2-c Demand for Gasoline: Effects of a Durable Good

JPD 1981 Vol. VIII Nos. 1&2-b An Analysis of Fertilizer Policies in the Philippines

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