DP 2021-01
Longer-term Effects of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial Cohort Analysis (Third Wave Impact Evaluation)
PN 2021-01
What Are the Effects of the Performance-Based Bonus on Government Workers and Agencies?
PIDS Book 2021-01
Revitalizing Philippine Irrigation: A Systems and Governance Assessment for the 21st Century
DP 2020-59
Giving Cash to the Poor: A Study of Pantawid Pamilya Cash Grants Generosity, Frequency, and Modality
Latest Publications
DP 1997-16 Effects of the Uniform 5% Tariff on Manufacturing

DP 1997-17 Effects of the Five Percent Uniform Tariff

DP 1997-18 Macroeconomic Impact of a Tariff Reduction: A Three-Gap Analysis with Model Simulations (final)

DP 1997-07 Economy-Wide Model of the Philippine Economy: Preliminary Version

DP 1997-13 Agricultural policy and the WTO Agreement: The Philippine Case

DP 1997-06 Simulating the Effects of GATT-UR/WTO on the Philippine Economy

DP 1997-15 Beyond Liberalization of Trade in Goods: Alternative Strategies for Regional Trade and Investment Facilitation

DP 1998-03 Macroeconomic Policy Change and Household Health Outomes: A Simulation of the Impact of the 1988-1992 Tariff Reform Program

DP 1998-02 Financial Reform and Development in the Philippines, 1980-1997: Imperatives, Performance and Challenges

DP 1998-17 Financing and Delivery of Health and Sanitation Services through Effective Resource Mobilization and Inter-governmental Coordina

DP 1998-38 Water in Metro Cebu: The Case for Policy and Institutional Reforms

DP 1998-39 Towards an Efficient Path to Food Security: The Philippine Case

DP 1998-41 Understanding Household Water Demand for Metro Cebu

DP 1998-36 Health Management: Strategies from Selected Cities

DP 1998-40 Developing an Early Warning System for BOP and Financial Crises: The Case of the Philippines