DP 2020-20
Review of Indigenous Peoples Policy and Institutional Grounding
DP 2020-19
Looking at Local Government Resilience through Network Data Envelopment Analysis
DLSU-AKI Policy Brief, Volume XIII, No. 6.
Recommending a patient-level study to confirm that BCG vaccination accounts for the relatively low COVID-19 mortality rate in the Philippines.
DLSU-AKI Policy Brief, Volume XIII, No. 5.
Learning with friends: A rational view of remote learning with network externalities in the time of Covid-19.
Latest Publications
PN 1999-16 Why Slowing Population Growth in the Philippines is an Imperative

DP 2001-04 Assessment of the Absorptive Capacity for Government and Donor Funding: The Case of the DOH

DP 2001-03 Dollarization: Concepts and Implications for Monetary and Exchange Rate Policy in the Philippines

DP 2001-02 Estimates of Total Factor Productivity in the Philippines

DP 2001-01 Tracking East Asia's Recovery from the Capital Account Crisis: Analysis, Evidence and Policy Implications

DP 2000-44 Impact of Trade Liberalization and Exchange Rate Policy on Industrial Water Pollution and Groundwater Depletion

DP 2000-43 The President's Budget for 2001: Depleted Economic Choices

DP 2000-42 Increasing Globalization and AFTA in 2003: What are the Prospects for the Philippine Automotive Industry?

DP 2000-41 Managing Capital Flows to Developing Economies: Issues and Policies

DP 2000-39 Constraints, Opportunities and Options in Irrigation Development

DP 2000-38 E-Commerce in Southeast Asia: A Review of Developments, Challenges and Issues

DP 2000-37 Reforming the International Financial Architecture: The East Asian View

DP 2000-36 An Analysis of Philippine Trade Reforms in 1995-2000 Using the 1994 APEX Model

DP 2000-35 Philippine Tariff Reforms: A CGE Analysis

PN 2001-01 Risk-based Supervision of Banks Involved in Microfinance