PIDS Book 2021-01
Revitalizing Philippine Irrigation: A Systems and Governance Assessment for the 21st Century
DP 2020-59
Giving Cash to the Poor: A Study of Pantawid Pamilya Cash Grants Generosity, Frequency, and Modality
DP 2020-58
Exploring the Feasibility of Content Analysis in Understanding International Cooperation in APEC
DP 2020-57
Correlates of Test Performance of 15-year-old Students in the Philippines: Evidence from PISA
Latest Publications
DP 1997-01 Overfishing in the Philippine Commercial Marine Fisheries Sector

DP 1997-02 Industrial Policy and the Environment: The Case of the Manufacturing Sector in Metro Cebu

DP 1997-03 Macroeconomic Impact of a Tariff Reduction: A Three–Gap Analysis with Model Simulations

DP 1997-10 Assessment of Tariff Reform in the 1990s

DP 1997-19 The Effects of the Five Percent Uniform Tariff on Agriculture

DP 1997-20 Comparative Study of ASEAN Tariff Profiles

DP 1997-22 Study on the Effects of AFTA-CEPT Scheme on the Textile Industry

DP 1997-21 Micro Studies: The Philippine Car Assembly Sector

DP 1997-04 Local Government Financing of Social Service Sectors in a Decentralized Regime: Special Focus on Provincial Governments in 1993

DP 1997-09 Productivity Analysis in Garments and Textile Industries

DP 1997-11 Food Policy: Its Role in Price Stability and Food Security

DP 1997-08 Nontrade Financial Inflows to the Philippines: Recent Trends and Policy Responses

DP 1997-14 ASEAN and the Challenge of Closer Economic Integration

DP 1997-16 Effects of the Uniform 5% Tariff on Manufacturing

DP 1997-17 Effects of the Five Percent Uniform Tariff