DRN 2019 Vol. 37 No. 2
Improve performance of boys in PH educ - PIDS study
MinDA 2018-07-001
3rd Mindanao Policy Research Forum: Federalism as a Policy Option for a Decentralized Inclusive Development: A Critical Inquiry
DP 2019-05
Examining the Women's Low Labor Market Participation Rate in the Philippines: Is Housework the Missing Link?
PN 2019-06
Mobilizing Local Governments To Prevent Child Stunting
Latest Publications
NTRC TRJ Local Government Units' Compliance in the Mandated Revision of the Schedule of Market Values (SMVs) of Real Property for Taxation Purposes

NTRC TRJ Comparative Excise Taxation of Tobacco Products in ASEAN Countries

NTRC TRJ Feasibility of Imposing an Excise Tax on Cosmetic Medical Procedures

NTRC TRJ Comparative VAT and VAT-like Impositions of ASEAN Countries

NTRC TRJ Feasibility of Imposing an Excise Tax on Electronic Cigarettes (E-Cigarettes)

NTRC TRJ Tax Contribution of the Philippine Pharmaceutical Industry

NTRC TRJ The "Resibo" Programs of the Bureau of Internal Revenue

AIM RSN PCC WP 2019-002 Barriers to Scaling-Up of Women-Owned SMEs in the Philippines

AIM RSN PCC WP 2018-005 Entrepreneurial Orientation, Perceived Competitive Threat, and Competitive Strategy Among SMEs in an Emerging-Economy Capital

PIDS EPM 2017-2018 Preparing the Philippines for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

DP 2019-03 Understanding the Educational Mobility of Men and Women and the Schooling Progression of Boys and Girls in the Philippines: A Regional Perspective

DP 2019-02 Counting Women's Work in the Philippines

DP 2019-01 Gender Equity in Education: Helping the Boys Catch Up

PIDS EPM 2016-2017 Considerations in Designing a Federal Government System

NEDA 3 2017-01 Central Luzon Regional Development Plan 2017-2022