RPS 2021-06
Toward an Inclusive Social Insurance Coverage in the Philippines: Examining Gender Disparities
Delving into the Countrys Future Outlook
A Case Study of Company Best Practices on Regularization of Workers in Contracting Arrangements
A Legal Analysis on the Speedy Disposition of Labor Cases on Appeal

PIDS WB 2021-0701
Challenges and Prospects of the Philippine Electric Vehicle Industry
PIDS WB 2021-0604
Senior High School Graduates' Prospects and Challenges in the Labor Market
PIDS WB 2021-0603
Improving the Land Tenure Security of Farmers and the Role of Agrarian Reform Beneficiary Organizations in Enhancing Agricultural Productivity
PIDS WB 2021-0602
Examining Philippine Regulatory Policies on Solid Waste Management
Latest Publications
SEARCA DPS 2019-4 Developing Indicators for Evaluating Climate-Smart Agriculture Practices in Vietnam

SEARCA DPS 2019-3 Assessment of Impacts of Climate Change in Fisheries and Agriculture in the Coastal Area of Thua Thien Hue Province, Vietnam

SEARCA BOOK 2020 Methodologies Supportive of Sustainable Development in Agriculture and Natural Resources Management: Selected Cases in Southeast Asia

SEARCA AJAD 2020 17-2-7 Non-timber Forest Products Value Chain Toward Sustainable Livelihood: Exploring Linkages and Trends Using Visual Optimization Network Analysis

SEARCA AJAD 2020 17-2-6 Upland Rice: Cultural Keystone Species in a Philippine Traditional Agroecosystem

SEARCA AJAD 2020 17-2-5 Emergence of Producer Companies as Innovative Institutions for Agriculture Development in India: Issues and Challenges

SEARCA AJAD 2020 17-2-4 Impact of Climate Change on Paddy Production: Evidence from Nepal

SEARCA AJAD 2020 17-2-3 Sustaining Rice Productivity, Soil Fertility, and Income from Prawn-Rice Joint Culture in the Gher System in Bangladesh

SEARCA AJAD 2020 17-2-2 Rice Value Chain Analysis in the Philippines: Value Addition, Constraints, and Upgrading Strategies

SEARCA AJAD 2020 17-2-1 Foreign Labor Shortages in the Malaysian Palm Oil Industry: Impacts and Recommendations

SEARCA ADN 2020 9-5 Addressing Fragmentation within a Key Biodiversity Area: Options for a Strengthened Community-Based Intervention in Polillo Islands

SEARCA ADN 2020 9-4 Development of a Lightweight Four-Row Paddy Drum Seeder

DLSU-AKI PEM Report-Q3-2020 Monitoring the Philippine Economy Third Quarter Report for 2020

CSP-58 Fiscal Roadmap to Economic Recovery

DP 2021-03 Policy, Institutional, and Expenditure Review of Bottom-up Approach Disaster Risk Reduction and Management

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