DRN Vol. 39 No.3
'Reexamine SHS Programs Employment and Entrepreneurial Objectives'
Regulatory Impact Assessment Adoption Determinants: A Diagnostic Framework
Exploring Responses to the Employment Impact of Excise Tax Reform: The Case of the Philippine Tobacco Industry
Mapping Out Employment Opportunities in the Cultural Heritage Sector A Strategic Framework

PIDS WB 2021-0905
Annual Public Policy Conference Webinar 4: Robust and Healthy Workforce and Closing Program
PIDS WB 2021-0904
Annual Public Policy Conference Webinar 3: Green And Inclusive Recovery
PIDS WB 2021-0903
Annual Public Policy Conference Webinar 2: Ethical Business
PIDS WB 2021-0902
Opening Program and Annual Public Policy Conference Webinar 1: Resetting Capitalism
Encarnacion, Jr. Jose
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UPSE DP 1996-02 Aggregate Demand and Supply Reconsidered

UPSE DP 1995-04 Instability in the Basic Endogenous Growth Model

UPSE DP 1994-05 On Non-equilibrium in Some Steady States

UPSE DP 1994-01 Macromodels and Walras' Law

UPSE DP 1993-05 On Keynes Aggregate Supply Function

UPSE DP 1993-02 Optimum Quantity of Money Instability

UPSE DP 1991-02 Aggregate Supply: A Reformulation

UPSE DP 1990-02 Lexicographic Group Decision

UPSE DP 1989-07 Principal and Agent in a Lexicographic Model

UPSE DP 1988-03 Production Under Uncertainty: Safety First and the Crop Mix

UPSE DP 1987-01 Interpreting the Basic Rational Expectations Macroeconomic Model

UPSE DP 1986-04 Consumer Choice of Qualities

UPSE DP 1985-03 On the Time Consistency of Optimal Plans

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