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PASCN DP 1998-15: APEC Early Voluntary Sectoral Liberalization: Is the Philippines Ready?

The paper is an integrative report of the fifteen sectoral studies prepared to help the Philippine government define its position and strategy in its participation in the APEC Early Voluntary Sectoral Liberalization program. The analysis shows that since most of the 15 sectors are not competitive yet to be able to withstand the competitive pressure that comes from EVSL, the country will benefit if it will agree to an early sectoral liberalization but applying APECís principle on differentiated timetable. The sectors are considered better prepared for global liberalization by the year 2004. An exception, however, is the proposal on telecommunications MRA and civil aircraft. Because of the benefits that the country could get from these two proposals, it is recommended that the country should sign to the agreement as scheduled. Strategies and programs that would enhance the competitiveness of the sectors are also identified, including the economic and technical cooperation measures that the country should advance in APEC.

Philippine APEC Study Center Network
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Austria, Myrna S.; liberalization; APEC;
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