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PASCN DP 1998-08: APEC, Philippines and Telecommunications MRA

In the quest for global integration, efforts to open markets are interestingly shifting from tariff to non-tariff measures. Given the successful efforts of the WTO to lower tariff barriers and the commitments of many countries to accelerate tariff reductions in an attempt to foster regional integration, the battlefield of free trade advocates has shifted from tariff to non-tariff measures. One aspect of this battle involves the often arbitrary and anti-trade use of standards and compliance requirements. In telecommunications, this involves the use of regulatory requirements related to testing and certification on telecommunications equipment. Considering this reality, the APEC Telecommunications Working Group has reached an agreement to draft the framework for voluntary implementation of mutual recognition agreements (MRA) among economies. The focus is the development of MRAs on the framework and mechanism for testing and certification of telecommunications equipment. For the Philippines, the MRA framework can only have positive implications. However, several issues exist. Among them involve the option of implementing agency, updating local testing capabilities, level of commitment and resource constraints.

Philippine APEC Study Center Network
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Chua, Johnson; National Health Insurance Program;
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