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PIDS Book 1996-02: Financing Social Programs in the Philippines: Public Policy and Budget Restructuring

This study has been commissioned by the UNICEF as part of its advocacy to promote the most responsive and cost-effective policy and financing options toward social and human development. It identifies issues and opportunities for the realignment of official development assistance of donors to the Philippines and the national budget in support of the most basic services to the population such as primary education and immunization. More recently, the study gained further relevance with the proposal of the Philippines to adopt the 20:20 financing concept during the 1995 World summit on Social Development, the commitment of the leagues of Provinces, cities and Municipalities to implement the concept in local budgetary decisions and the pursuit of the minimum basic needs (MBN) strategy to fight poverty in the context of the Social Reform Agenda. The provision of MBN services, particularly to children and mothers, would require both budget restructuring and resource mobilization. It is hoped that this study will further generate interest and inquiry into the subject considering the high incidence of poverty in the Philippines and the need for continuing reform in public finance at all administrative levels and in the management of official flows to the country.

Philippine Institute for Development Studies
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Manasan, Rosario G.; Llanto, Gilberto M.; Nuqui, Wilfredo G.; social safety net programs; health sector; social services;
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