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Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Creating Our Future Today (Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Public Policy Conference 2018)
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Forest Protection in the Philippines: Policy Evolution and Sector Outcomes
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The Evolution of APEC and its Role in the Philippine Trade and Investment
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Issues on Communal Irrigation Systems in the Philippines
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MinDA 2018-07-001: 3rd Mindanao Policy Research Forum: Federalism as a Policy Option for a Decentralized Inclusive Development: A Critical Inquiry

Federalism is one of the forms of the government that is highly discussed especially in Mindanao. Decentalization, Autonomy and Fiscal Governance are aspects of Federalism that were discussed during this forum. Also discussed during the forum is the proposed revision of the Philippine Constitution to be able to cater and adopt possible federal form of government if ever in the future.

Mindanao Development Authority
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MinDA Policy Formulation Division (PFD) and Public Relations Division (PuRD); Ateneo de Zamboanga (AdZU) Research Center; federalism; decentralization; fiscal design; ; Subnational Governance; Autonomy; Federal Model;
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