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CPBRD PB 2016-08: Advancing Reforms in Philippine Broadband

Broadband communications is seen as the next frontier for ICT development following the maturing of the country's mobile telecommunications services. Industry stakeholders have been bullish on its potential in helping shape the country's development prospects parallel with the ever increasing technological expansion and innovation. However, the poor quality of broadband services in the Philippines does not only drag the country's overall competitiveness but also exacerbates the so-called "digital divide." Experts have identified the antiquated and telephone-based ICT policy framework to have an impact on the delivery of broadband or simply defined as "high-speed internet access". To maximize the use of broadband or internet as a tool in achieving sustainable economic growth and promoting good governance, the Philippines must follow the lead of other economies in revolutionizing their ICT regimes. Hence, it is recommended that existing ICT regulations namely the Public Telecommunications Policy Act, the Public Services Act, and the NTC Charter be all updated and attuned to the calls of the time. Further, it is imperative to strengthen the NTC to foster effective competition, sustain widespread access and, most importantly, uphold public interest. This will also improve ICT infrastructure via government, private, and public-private partnership initiatives paving the way for a better and more affordable broadband services in the country.

Congressional Policy, Budget and Research Department
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Mira, Ricardo, P; Broadband, ICT policy, high-speed internet access, internet;
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