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CPBRD CN 2018-02: Making Urban Transport in the Philippines Smarter

Increasing urbanization and the emergence of new growth centers in the Philippines prompt and heighten the need for new and more effective solutions to long-standing urban concerns such as ease of mobility and safety of urban transport. The emergence of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) as a tool in managing myriad transport problems through the use of advanced technologies may be viewed as a viable option for the Philippines. Chodhury and Sadek (2015) in their paper entitled "Road Network Operations and Intelligent Transport Network" published under the World Road Association, have defined ITS as the "control and information system that utilizes ICT to improve the mobility of people and goods and increase safety, reduce traffic congestion and manage incidents effectively meeting transport policy goals and objectives".

Congressional Policy, Budget and Research Department
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Goboleo, Deomedes, D; transport;
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