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SEARCA ADN 2014 4-4: Environmental Risks to Food and Health Security in the Laguna Watershed

Global environmental problems have made the world a more risky, unsustainable, and unpredictable place to live in. One of the pressing issues is feeding the growing population of Asia at the time of rapidly changing climatic and economic conditions. Southeast Asia is considerably a hot spot compared to other parts of the world. Human beings are highly vulnerable to climate change, water and food shortage, and health hazards. Moreover, agricultural productivity in Southeast Asia is declining due to the deteriorating quality of soil and water resources. Ecological degradation is affecting food and health security, as in the case of Laguna Lake in the Philippines. Analysis of the environmental risks to food and health security in the Laguna watershed may have a profound implication to the rest of Asia.

Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture
Authors Keywords
Kada, Ryohei; climate change; Laguna watershed; food and health security; environmental degradation;
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