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PN 2017-30: Financing Postdisaster Reconstruction in the Philippines

In the last decade, natural disasters in the Philippines have had recorded postdisaster reconstruction needs of at least PHP 32 billion. If not effectively managed, such financial requirement can have adverse impact on government fiscal position and consequently to development planning and economic growth. This Policy Note examines the government schemes for financing postdisaster reconstruction in the country. Among others, it recommends reducing funds allocated to the housing sector. It also urges the National Housing Authority to veer away from the traditional policies and learn from the lessons and experiences of other countries with regard to shelter programs in times of disaster.

Philippine Institute for Development Studies
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Villacin, Deanna T.; Ramos, Tatum P.; Ballesteros, Marife M.; Philippines; disaster financing; postdisaster reconstruction; disaster risk financing; disaster risk insurance;
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