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PN 2016-26: Taking Stock of the National Greening Program Six Years Hence

Instituted under the Aquino administration in 2011, the National Greening Program (NGP) targets poverty reduction, promotion of food security, and biodiversity conservation in the Philippines. Despite its successes, various problems have been identified during the NGP's six-year implementation, particularly the poor program monitoring and low survival rates of seedlings. This Policy Note provides an overview of the results of the analyses done by different involved institutions and lays down policy recommendations that have special significance given the government's decision to extend the program until 2028. It likewise raises the need for the Duterte administration to craft a broader NGP-related policy that tackles the role of the national government in forest resource management in the country.

Philippine Institute for Development Studies
Authors Keywords
Israel, Danilo C.; Philippines; environment; National Greening Program (NGP); reforestation; forest; impact assessment; tree planting; COA annual audit reports;
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