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PN 2010-05 (Policy Brief): Is PhilHealth's Sponsored Program Reaching the Poorest of the Poor?

One of the key programs of the PhilHealth is its Sponsored Program for the less privileged wherein health insurance coverage is open to qualified indigents belonging to the lowest 25 percent of the Philippine population. The health insurance covers hospitalization and special packages for facility-based deliveries and newborn screening as well as treatment of illnesses such as tuberculosis, SARS, avian flu, and A (H1N1). A special benefit package under the Sponsored Program is the Outpatient Benefit (OPB) package. This package consists of preventive services, diagnostic services, and laboratory services. With this package, the health concerns of the indigent should more or less be addressed. But what is worrisome are some of the concerns raised by some bonafide members of PhilHealth’s Sponsored Program. In focus group discussions, respondent members lamented that they do not actually feel the supposed benefits of the OPB package. Because of these, many indigents get discouraged from enrolling in the program.

Philippine Institute for Development Studies
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Lavado, Rouselle F.; Philippines; social health insurance; Philippine Health Corporation (PhilHealth); PhilHealth Sponsored Program;
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