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Grameen 1997-01: Voices From the Field: Interviews with Microcredit Practitioners for the Poor

This document is a compilation of interviews taken by Alex Counts (Grameen Foundation) with: * Sukor Kasim (Project Ikhtiar) * Cecilia del Castilllo (Negros Women's for Tomorrow Foundation) * Delores Torres (CARD) * Udaia Kumar (SHARE) * David Gibbons (CASHPOR) * Aries Alip (CARD) * Muhammad Yunus (Grameen Bank) Discussions included how the practitioners came to be involved in replication programs, the process of implementing such programs, and mistakes and lessons learnt. In summary, from all the interviews Alex Counts has undertaken with replicators from around the world, he states that six points appear crucial for the success of these programs: * keeping it simple and not allowing programs to become unnecessarily complex * avoiding short cuts and not deviating from the model delivery mechanism * distinguishing principles from practices * being open about mistakes and successes * being one step ahead of the staff management curve * being patient and trusting the poor

PinoyME Foundation
Authors Keywords
Counts, Alex; microfinance; microcredit; Grameen Bank Approach;
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