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AER 2002-06: Presentation on Coherence at the International Conference on Financing for Development

This paper briefly tackles the main points on coherence contributed by Action for Economic Reforms during roundtable discussion at the International Conference on Financing for Development held in Monterrey, Mexico on 20 March 2002.It begins to describe coherence as associated with consistency and integrity of policies while at the same time, allows flexibility and resists rigidity. The paper then asserts that coherence does not assume a single correct model of development, and coherence means that the rules are not only fair but also enforced and applied fairly. In conclusion, it reiterates two important challenges towards strengthening the coherence of the Monterrey outcome. One, encourage pluralism in the formulation of development policies, and encourage heterodox approaches to development. Two, secure fair rules, and ensure that such rules are fairly enforced on all parties. In the same vein, reject unilateralism that weakens global governance.

Action for Economic Reforms
Authors Keywords
Sta Ana III, Filomeno; economic/development modelling; heterodox economics;
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