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PN 2007-02: The JPEPA: Why Ratify?

Why the need to ratify the JPEPA? Based on the numerous studies carried out under the PIDS JPEPA Research Project, JPEPA will be advantageous to the country and the economy. This draft Policy Notes explains why on the whole, the benefits of the JPEPA greatly outweigh the costs of its implementation. If managed carefully and strategically, JPEPA could provide opportunities and advantages that may serve as catalysts for sustaining the country’s growth. And ratification will send a signal that the Philippines is capable of fully participating in the process of regional economic integration.

Philippine Institute for Development Studies
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Yap, Josef T.; Medalla, Erlinda M.; Aldaba, Rafaelita M.; regional economic integration; Japan-Philippine Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA); free trade agreements (FTAs);
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