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DLSU RP 2000-04: The Proposed Curriculum Design for Master of Education Major in Sports and Recreation Management

This research presents a proposed curriculum for Master of Education Major in Sports and Recreation Management. One basic aim of the research centers on the need to craft a credible, relevant and interesting course outline in the said area which can be utilized by the De La Salle University. It adopts multiple research strategies to obtain the different viewpoints and aspirations held by different possible clients of the research output. These clients refer to the various sets of groups — students, faculty, school administrators, sports leaders and others who stand to consume the output of the research project. The study, which was done within a three-month period from October to December 1999, was developed after conducting an extensive survey among major stakeholders — students, faculty members, sports leaders and the Commission on Higher Education. The proposed curriculum is divided into three major layers — basic/core courses, major courses and integrating courses. The three-layered curriculum is oriented to fully appreciate the courses needed by students and balance the theoretical and practical requirements. Total units of the curriculum reach 39 units, including the completion of either a thesis or a submission of a well-written research on a particular issue related to the field. Also, the shaping of the final curriculum takes into consideration the major findings of survey-questionnaire culled from respondents consisting of 22 BSRM students and 20 faculty members. Majority of students and faculty members favor the immediate offering of Master of Education Major in Sports and Recreation Management. All students feel the proposed curriculum can help them gain access to further studies in their field, will produce more competent graduates and helps enhance the prestige of DLSU as a center of sports education. On the other hand, majority of the faculty say the university has the capability and the required expertise to offer the new course. At least three faculty members expressed a different view, saying that DLSU should first enhance the undergraduate course in sports and recreation management. All indications, however, point to the overwhelming positive response to the proposed Master Degree in Sports and recreation management. Bulk of the respondents agree that DLSU is in the best position to offer the new discipline in the University.

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