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DP 1998-36: Health Management: Strategies from Selected Cities

In the light of increased demand for basic services and sanitation facilities due to urbanization, devolution facilitates the smooth and fast delivery of social services. In the health sector, however, the strongest opposition, due to issues of tenure, the sustainability of devolved facilities and the politics of health services, has met devolution. Various local officials have complained over the delay and insufficiency of funds that deter the immediate implementation of health programs. However, there are LGUís where health sector devolution has reaped appreciation. The focus of this paper is to highlight the model cities recommended by NEDA regional offices, which are winners of various competitions such as Galing Pook and Health and Management System Awards. This is in the hope of setting examples in overcoming the limitations entailed by devolution in the health sector.

Philippine Institute for Development Studies
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Pineda, Virginia S.; health sector; governance;
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