PN 2019-03
Taxation in Financial Services under TRAIN
PN 2019-02
ICT Regulation and Regulatory Authority
SEARCA RPCL 2019 2019-1
Conservation Agriculture: A Biological Engineering Approach to Sustainable Agriculture in Support of Rural Development in Southeast Asia
Reshaping Agriculture and Development in Southeast Asia: An Experts Consultation Forum
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POPCOM 1978-0: Final Report of the Special Committee to Review the Philippine Population Program

PIDS-Population Commission Population Management Program
Authors Keywords
Special Committee to Review the Philippine Population Program; demographic economics; public policy; women's issues; population and family relation; gender and development; development program; labor migration; social services; health expenditures; research; health facilities; fertility; government failure; morbidity rate; health centers; family planning; health practices; health care financing; Primary Health Care Program; health management; health service delivery; impact analysis; evaluation design; sustainable development; reproductive health; population; health program;
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