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PASCN DP 2000-10: Government Policies and Regulations: Interrelationship with Competition Policy Objectives

The paper aims to examine the major government policies in terms of how they relate to the objectives of competition; clarify what important trade-offs may exist; and determine how and possibly when conflicts between government policies and competition policy objectives arise. Three sets of government policies were discussed. The first is trade policy, in particular trade liberalization, where the impact on competition is most direct and apparent. The second group covers government policies and regulations that have direct impact on competition, namely: 1) government regulation of an industry, or a segment of it; 2) direct government equity participation; and 3) other regulatory restrictions. The third group of policies consists of other major government policies with other development objectives and their interface with competition policy objectives. These include industrial policies, agricultural policies and environment policy and regulations. In general, the paper points out the need to bring in more closely the principles of competition policy into analyzing and evaluating government policies. Indeed, competition policy would provide a new and different perspective that could help formulate a more effective and dynamic development policy for the Philippines.

Philippine APEC Study Center Network
Authors Keywords
Medalla, Erlinda M.; trade liberalization; competition; competition policy;
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