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BER 1997-01: The Impact of Organizational Culture on the Employee Behavior and Organizational Performance in the Customs Brokerage Companies in Metro Manila

Using descriptive and causal type of research designs, a survey of 546 employees and managers from the customs brokerage industry is conducted among a sample of 57 companies. The proponent has used the organizational culture survey instrument, and has employed means and percentages to describe the data. To establish and analyze the relationships between and among variables, this paper uses the Pearson Product Moment Correlation Analysis, the Stepwise Regression Procedure, and the Canonical Correlation Analysis. The organizational culture of the customs brokerage companies surveyed has been found to have a high positive influence on employee behavior and their level of sales and productivity. Findings also reveal that majority of the firms are engaged in customs brokerage only, and have been operating for an average of 18 years as registered Filipino-owned corporations. They have a medium capitalization (between 5 to 20 million pesos) and an average of 21 employees, and exhibited a high level of innovation and risk-taking, attention to details, outcome/people/team orientation, and stability. Their levels of profit, sales and productivity are found to be average, with their labor turnover placed at 6%. Understandably, their employees express a high level of job satisfaction and performance, as well as organizational commitment. Against the backdrop, Badillo offered the following recommendations: maintain a high level of job satisfaction, sustain a high level of job performance, strengthen organizational commitment, ensure high levels of productivity and sales, and reinforce a high level of organizational culture.

DLSU-University Research Coordination Office
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Badillo, Rustica D.; economic/development modelling; business strategy; econometric modeling; invention and innovation;
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