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EOS 1992: The Philippine Economic Outlook for 1992-1993

Once more, the Philippines has ended 1991 with a string of fortuitous events on top of its chronic economic and social problems. Despite all these, the country has bounced back as 1992 entered – typical Filipino resilience. Learning from experiences, the government has braced the country for the repercussions by way of economic and political reforms. The papers in this issue have been presented during the “PIDS Roundtable Discussion on the Philippine Economic Outlook for 1992-1993. The compilation includes the projections of five economists from some of the country’s reputable economic and financial institutions. Will 1992 be a landmark year? Faced with the same macro problems that hounded the nation for two and a half years, can policymakers, through the newly implemented reforms, steer the nation away from low equilibrium growth? What are the current issues policymakers have to grapple with? What are the government’s futures plans for growth? Economic forecasts in this publication may partly answer these questions.

Philippine Institute for Development Studies
Authors Keywords
Yap, Josef T.; Habito, Cielito F.; Garchitorena, Gilbert G.; Vital, Villamor G.; Valenzuela, Rolando E.; economic recovery; money and banking; stabilization program; economic growth; banking system; monetary policy; structural adjustment; stock market;
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