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Understanding the E-commerce Participation of Filipino Women Microentrepreneurs

Using data from in-depth interviews with seventeen (17) women microentrepreneurs in the Philippines, we examined their engagement in e-commerce activities by studying their entrepreneurial motivations, business operations, resources used in executing and managing e-commerce, and challenges that they experience. Most respondents were motivated by the need to augment their family income. Many of the respondents utilized Facebook to sell their products and services. A common characteristic among women microentrepreneurs was the manifested bricolage behaviour in adopting and managing e-commerce activities. While participating in e-commerce benefited them in terms of increased sales and having a flexible schedule, women microentrepreneurs had to contend with tight market competition, fraudulent and irate customers, technical issues, and slow internet connectivity. Policies focused on supporting the participation of women in e-commerce, balancing regulations, and improving information and communication technology infrastructure are essential for the success of women in the digital economy.


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