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Underinvestment Hampers Growth of PH Health Sector

This quarter's Development Research News (DRN) focuses on challenges facing the Philippine human capital sector and ways to improve current programs. According to the banner article, underinvesting in health has resulted in poor health outcomes and affected labor productivity. Thus, it recommends boosting investment in health care to improve the population's well-being. This issue also tackles strategies to enhance overseas Filipino workers' health and social protection against future shocks. Other articles discuss the importance of educating mothers on proper child feeding and rearing practices, improving the proximity and quality of schools and health centers for poor households, and reducing the financial burden of noncommunicable diseases. Another article highlights the public transfer system as a worthwhile investment, allowing for intergenerational resource allocation. This DRN issue also features articles on strategic allocation and utilization of sin tax revenues to address health service coverage gaps and suggestions for enhancing the Health Technology Assessment Program to strengthen healthcare decisionmaking. Completing this issue is an infographic story on meeting the national immunization target.


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