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The Philippine Local Government Water Sector

This study tries to answer the question, "How can local government units provide efficient and sufficient water supply for its current and future population?" To do so, it is vital to understand the current regulatory and implementation context of the Philippine water sector particularly for local governments. Identifying institutional and practical issues in the various modes of providing local water services as well as highlighting successful local water efforts will give policymakers a better handle on what levers would be needed. Examining recent national government programs directed to improving access to water supply will also help decide, if there will be and how, future interventions will play out with strengthened decentralization and in responding and recovering from the pandemic. Results show the need to streamline and align economic and technical regulation and operating standards. In addition, there must be improved in investment coordination within the sector to ensure efficient and strategic investments. There should be a consolidated and complete database of water service providers, key performance indicators and other data needed to monitor. Finally, political economy issues must also be hurdled to avoid duplicative efforts or delayed investments. Comments to this paper are welcome within 60 days from date of posting. Email


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