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The Education Services Industry in the Philippines

Philippine education has been the object of several studies over the past decades. Most of these studies were focused on issues concerning access and equity, quality and excellence, relevance and responsiveness, financing, and governance. However, Philippine education has rarely been examined as a potential source of export revenues for the country, much less analyzed within the context of liberalization. In light of these developments, this review of literature presents information meant to: (1) determine the scope of the education services industry; (2) present a profile of the establishments in the industry; (3) determine the demand for education services both locally and abroad; (4) identify the laws and policies affecting the trade of education and services and the degree of competitiveness of Philippine education; (5) identify the human resource development practices of establishments in the education services industry; (6) identify opportunities and threats faced by the education services industry ; (7) identify the benefits and costs of liberalizing the education industry; (8) determine the degree of competitiveness of the Philippine education industry; and (9) identify the issues concerning the trade of education services.


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