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Strengthening Social Cohesion Between Displaced People and Host Communities Through Shared Livelihood Activities

Over 350,000 internally displaced individuals (IDPs) in approximately 77,000 families have been displaced as a result of the Marawi City conflict. A collaborative effort increased or generated conflicts within these groups. This 11-month project aims to build trust and social cohesion between internally displaced persons and their host communities. The project provided urban gardening education to a total of 130 homes. It provided food security and livelihood assistance to both IDPs and host community members. The project assisted participants in establishing businesses and cultivating a favorable market environment. They were able to build viable community-based livelihood projects as a result of the training. Additionally, it aided them in developing company concepts and putting them into action. At the Balanghai Hotel in Butuan City, the Work with Smiles organization held a Fusion Festival cum Lessons Learned Workshop. The event served as a strategic forum for stakeholders to collaborate on business ideas, debate obstacles, push for financial and technical assistance, and learn about available government services.


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