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Strengthening Markets of High Value Fruits and Vegetables in Mindanao: The Case of Transport and Shipping Service Improvement

This monograph highlights the important role of transport and logistics in contributing to agricultural competitiveness in Mindanao, Southern Philippines. This monograph presents the findings of the project titled “Transport Policy Study: Promoting Efficiency and Productivity of Flow of Goods - A Focus on the Transportation Needs of Mindanao Region,” funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR). The study analyzed the factors that contribute to high transport costs in the fruits (papaya) and vegetables (tomato and lettuce) supply chains in Mindanao, as influenced by government regulations and investment programs. Its micro analysis of bottlenecks in the transport system of selected fruits and vegetables provides basis for policy recommendations that would provide greater incentives for producers in Mindanao. It also offers suggestions on increasing production, improving the quality of produce, and further expanding trade to meet the perceived growing demand within and outside Mindanao. Lastly, this study will add to the body of knowledge on the subject through the rich information it contains from the various players of the supply chain.


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