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Securing the Future: Recommendations for Legislation in the 19th Congress

Securing the Future: Recommendations for Legislation in the 19th Congress contains a menu of policy proposals which may be considered by the House of Representatives 19th Congress.   Jointly prepared by the Congressional Policy and Budget Research Department and the Committee Affairs Department, this work is based upon a paradigm which focuses mainly on concepts of national security, national development, and human security.  It seeks to provide a proper lens with which to view and analyze issues and challenges at the national, regional and global levels; recognize key legislation enacted by previous Congresses; and recommend legislative measures that may be pursued.  This document is divided into eight major sections, as follows: 1) Revitalizing Agriculture and Attaining Food Security; 2) Protecting the Environment and Adapting to Climate Change; 3) Pursuing Human Development and Promoting Social Cohesion; 4) Accelerating Infrastructure Development and Digital Transformation; 5) Strengthening Industry and Services and Enhancing Productivity; 6) Promoting Global Security and International Cooperation; 7) Fostering Good Governance, Public Order and Security, and the Rule of Law; and 8) Achieving Fiscal Stability and Enhancing Public Financial Management.  Amidst an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment, the formulation of a legislative agenda that is truly responsive to and attuned to the conditions and challenges of our times, and geared to enhance national and human security and achieve inclusive growth, becomes all the more necessary.


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